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Michigan, USA


State/Province : Latitude: 44.874739, Longitude: -85.7309908333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 [First Wife of Hamilton Nowland]  Michigan, USA I10360
2 Adams, Genevieve  Oct 1894Michigan, USA I10442
3 Adams, Lenora  Nov 1887Michigan, USA I10440
4 Adams, Samuel  Dec 1890Michigan, USA I10441
5 Anderson, Lucy M.  1843Michigan, USA I5970
6 Bates, Anna Louise  12 Jul 1867Michigan, USA I870
7 Billings, Edith Edna  Sep 1868Michigan, USA I10320
8 Burch, E.J.   I8976
9 Case, Henry L. C.  Abt 1848Michigan, USA I10401
10 Case, Martin T.  Abt 1839Michigan, USA I10399
11 Case, Mary A.  Abt 1835Michigan, USA I10398
12 Cochensparger, Arthur  7 Apr 1895Michigan, USA I8949
13 Gibson, Amanda  1866Michigan, USA I10287
14 Hicks, Jane  Abt 1828Michigan, USA I10237
15 Imhoof, Annetta  Abt 1877Michigan, USA I8928
16 Imhoof, John  Abt 1873Michigan, USA I8926
17 Imhoof, Mary  Abt 1868Michigan, USA I8924
18 Imhoof, Samuel  Abt 1875Michigan, USA I8927
19 Lagasa, Joseph  7 Mar 1841Michigan, USA I7970
20 Lytle, B.M.   I8959
21 Lytle, C.L.   I8979
22 Lytle, H.M.   I8980
23 Lytle, L.M.   I8973
24 Lytle, R.J.   I8978
25 Lytle, W.J.   I8972
26 Morris, Helen Frances  28 Apr 1892Michigan, USA I2563
27 Nowland, Abe  Oct 1895Michigan, USA I10293
28 Nowland, Abraham P.  Mar 1862Michigan, USA I10288
29 Nowland, Ada  Abt 1854Michigan, USA I10467
30 Nowland, Alba  Jun 1890Michigan, USA I10284
31 Nowland, Alba Amanda  Abt 1864Michigan, USA I10294
32 Nowland, Albert Richard  8 Mar 1860Michigan, USA I10319
33 Nowland, Almon  Abt Jun 1859Michigan, USA I10470
34 Nowland, Alonzo  Abt 1844Michigan, USA I10380
35 Nowland, Amos H.  Jun 1859Michigan, USA I10286
36 Nowland, Andrew Jackson  Abt 1838Michigan, USA I10378
37 Nowland, Archie M.  Nov 1878Michigan, USA I10350
38 Nowland, Benjamin  Abt 1851Michigan, USA I10461
39 Nowland, Benjamin  Feb 1861Michigan, USA I10387
40 Nowland, Benjamin  Feb 1900Michigan, USA I10397
41 Nowland, Bertha  Abt 1874Michigan, USA I10427
42 Nowland, Blanch  Jan 1892Michigan, USA I10355
43 Nowland, Charles  9 May 1889Michigan, USA I10329
44 Nowland, Charles N.  Abt 1857Michigan, USA I10454
45 Nowland, Clara  May 1897Michigan, USA I10394
46 Nowland, Clare  May 1892Michigan, USA I10291
47 Nowland, Clare  Oct 1895Michigan, USA I10357
48 Nowland, Clyde E.  Jul 1899Michigan, USA I10304
49 Nowland, Cornelius Selwyn  Abt 1848Michigan, USA I10444
50 Nowland, David M.  Abt 1871Michigan, USA I10297

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Nowland, Ada R.  12 Dec 1924Michigan, USA I10317
2 Nowland, Albert Richard  8 Mar 1951Michigan, USA I10319

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 [Unknown], Gladys H.  Abt 1903Michigan, USA I10011
2 [Unknown], Gladys H.  Abt 1907Michigan, USA I10011

Alt. Marriage

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   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID 
1 Rumsey / Edgerton  Michigan, USA F2068