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Huntington Co., Indiana, USA



County/Shire : Latitude: 40.7911217, Longitude: -85.5200240


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Fox, Russel J.  24 Dec 1902Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9676
2 Hite, Bryce Edmund  17 Aug 1918Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9653
3 Hite, Clara  3 Jan 1886Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9628
4 Hite, Clell  27 Aug 1892Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9661
5 Hite, Delsa  6 Sep 1894Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9663
6 Hite, Elsie  6 Sep 1894Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9669
7 Hite, LeRoy  10 Dec 1890Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9651
8 Hite, Lesta  11 Mar 1902Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9675
9 Hite, Marion  19 Mar 1861Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9627
10 Hite, Paul Dean  6 Jan 1928Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9655
11 Hite, Perry M.  11 Jul 1888Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9629
12 Kline, George  6 Jan 1886Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9664
13 Smith, Nora May  20 May 1882Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9579
14 Watson, Cora Edith  12 Mar 1890Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9662
15 Wolf, Mary Grace  8 Sep 1882Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9597


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Earhart, Deloise  12 Nov 1968Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9638
2 Forker, Malinda Elmira  29 Mar 1948Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9626
3 Hite, Clara  25 Feb 1889Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9628
4 Hite, Clell  4 Mar 1966Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9661
5 Hite, LeRoy  8 Aug 1969Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9651
6 Hite, Marion  21 Apr 1948Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9627
7 Hite, Paul Dean  11 May 2010Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9655
8 LaVine, Emma A.  10 May 1962Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9645
9 Richardson, Evelyn Louise  23 Nov 1983Huntington Co., Indiana, USA I9640