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Ohio, USA


State/Province : Latitude: 40.4155097222222, Longitude: -82.7093766666667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Julia Ann  Abt 1829Ohio, USA I7925
2 Rebecca  Abt 1834Ohio, USA I6046
3 Adams, Lydia A.  Abt 1856Ohio, USA I10134
4 Adams, Ophelia  Abt 1853Ohio, USA I10133
5 Anglemyre, Mary E.  Abt 19 May 1843Ohio, USA I5495
6 Baldwin, James F.  Abt 1850Ohio, USA I1653
7 Baldwin, John  Abt 1856Ohio, USA I1655
8 Baldwin, Mary  Abt 1848Ohio, USA I1652
9 Baldwin, Matilda  Abt 1852Ohio, USA I1654
10 Baldwin, Newton  Abt 1858Ohio, USA I1656
11 Baldwin, Perry  Abt 1819Ohio, USA I970
12 Baldwin, Sylvester  Abt 1846Ohio, USA I1651
13 Barnes, Cora Bell  1890Ohio, USA I22161
14 Bazzle, Sarah  Abt 1817Ohio, USA I789
15 Bohlen, Henry  Abt 1854Ohio, USA I1312
16 Bristol, John H.  Dec 1850Ohio, USA I10114
17 Buckley, Cynthia  Abt 1817Ohio, USA I782
18 Chandler, Angela  29 Apr 1886Ohio, USA I10155
19 Chandler, Bertha M.  22 Jul 1883Ohio, USA I10161
20 Chandler, Burton H.  Apr 1898Ohio, USA I10181
21 Chandler, Catharine M.  Dec 1887Ohio, USA I10170
22 Chandler, Elwyn Homer  Abt 1875Ohio, USA I10146
23 Chandler, Harry  4 Sep 1888Ohio, USA I10165
24 Chandler, Homer Edward  11 Sep 1892Ohio, USA I10176
25 Chandler, Lorana F.  Sep 1891Ohio, USA I10171
26 Chandler, Ralph H.  28 Mar 1885Ohio, USA I10163
27 Chandler, Ruby S.  Aug 1895Ohio, USA I10177
28 Copsey, Edna Maude  Abt 1897Ohio, USA I10147
29 Dial, Benjamine  20 Feb 1826Ohio, USA I820
30 Dover, Alpluna  Abt 1866Ohio, USA I7959
31 Dover, Bert Ellen  Abt 1878Ohio, USA I7962
32 Dover, Clarance  Abt 1862Ohio, USA I7958
33 Dover, Elizabeth J.  Abt 1872Ohio, USA I7960
34 Dover, Lemuel  Oct 1840Ohio, USA I5300
35 Dover, Marguerita J.  Abt 1916Ohio, USA I10926
36 Dover, Martha B.  Abt 1875Ohio, USA I7961
37 Dover, Mary K.  Abt 1918Ohio, USA I10927
38 Dover, Rollie E.  Abt 1914Ohio, USA I10925
39 Eldredge, Peabody  18 Jun 1815Ohio, USA I3131
40 Eldredge, Stephen  1824Ohio, USA I3136
41 Fields, Benjamin F.  Abt 1886Ohio, USA I2127
42 Fields, Lyman  Ohio, USA I2126
43 Foot, Eva F.  1860Ohio, USA I10192
44 Gutberlet, Mary  15 Jun 1862Ohio, USA I1309
45 Hanlon, Mary Ellen  Apr 1859Ohio, USA I1336
46 Harland, Jennie  Nov 1866Ohio, USA I10173
47 Hill, Thomas G.  Abt 1830Ohio, USA I1359
48 Hupp, Alton A.  Abt 1890Ohio, USA I10140
49 Hupp, Elias W.  Abt 1867Ohio, USA I10139
50 Imhoof, Jacob  Abt 1838Ohio, USA I5496

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chandler, Burton H.  Jul 1964Ohio, USA I10181
2 Jennings, Jacob  7 May 1868Ohio, USA I974
3 McConnell, James  Abt 1866Ohio, USA I5325
4 Meade, Elizabeth C.  Bef 1870Ohio, USA I1230

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Ryerson, Walter S.  13 Nov 1852Ohio, USA I10130