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Country : Latitude: 51.2020041666667, Longitude: 10.3820044444444


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 [Mother of Marguerette Islaub]  Germany I5280
2 Bieder, Paul  Germany I1974
3 Brown, Carl  Germany I4919
4 Dansingburg, Sophia  Abt 1798Germany I5390
5 Hartwick, Frederich  16 Dec 1841Germany I6286
6 Islaub, [Unknown]  Germany I5279
7 May, Cassimir  4 Dec 1754Germany I21935
8 Oswalt, Jacob  1722Germany I3218
9 Zarber, Augusta  Germany I1976
10 [Unknown], Catherine  Jul 1830Germany I21986
11 [Unknown], Margaret  Germany I4920