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Welcome to my website. This page will give you a short overview of how to get around and get the most out of my site.

To begin, you'll notice that every page contains a set of four icons directly under the site header, labeled 'Home', 'Search', 'Print', and 'Login' (or 'Logout'). The function of each link is straightforward and allows you to navigate to the Home Page or Search Page from anywhere in the site.

On the right hand side of the header, you will see the three drop down menus. Use these to quickly access any area of the site. The areas are divided into three sections...

I also maintain a list of Frequently Asked Questions that you may find useful.

The sections below cover the most commonly used charts and tables, which should give you a good idea of how you can view the data on my site.

Ancestors Chart
Click here for an exampleTo understand your heritage and map out your ascendency, the ancestors chart shows a graphical representation of parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, etc. You should try locating yourself first to understand what this means first.

By default the chart displays four generations, although this can be increased accordingly (just remember the page will get increasingly wider).

Wherever you see the icon, you can click to show the ancestors from the individual in question. When you see the icon, moving the mouse over it will display further information and immediate descendents. Clicking on the icon will show the next generation. Click on the image above to see an example of how it works.

Ascendents Chart
Click here for an exampleThe Ascendents table (also known as an Ahnentafel Chart) lists out all the generations before you in tabular form, complete with all children and birth, marriage and death details if known.

Once you become accustomed to ahnentafels, it becomes very easy to read these tables, to move up and down from parent to child and back again, and to understand the relationships of the listed people. Ahnentafels are very good at presenting a lot of information in a compact format. The numbering system is the key to understanding Ahnentafels.

The example image above shows eight generations... click on the image to see.

Family Histories
Click here for an exampleFamily Histories are very useful for displaying both lines of a parentage for any individual and will list your grandparents for as far back as is known; subsequently clicking on the individual displays all the photos and histories.

Note the icons for photo and for history when available for an individual. For an example click on the image above.

Click here for an exampleThe timeline compares individuals across the ages, and can be populated in one of two ways.

1. Each time you look at an individual then click timeline, this individual will be saved in memory so that next time you look at another individual and click timeline, both individual timelines will be compared, and so on.

2. Populate the timeline by finding individuals manually.
Descendents Chart
Click here for an exampleOne of the most useful features on this site. The Descendents Chart (with photos) displays all family members (including brothers and sisters) starting as far back as the family tree goes, up to the selected individual. Obviously the younger the individual the greater the number of generations in the descendancy chart, and the greater the number of siblings in a family the wider the chart becomes.

How to find the descendency chart?
First, display the descendency table for an individual such as the one below, and then click on the icon to display the chart up to this person. For an example of what you would see, click the image above.

Descendents Table
Click here for an exampleThe descendency table is effectively a tabulor version of the chart described above, but lists all generations in either a 'compact' or 'register' form for the selected individual. The main difference between the two tables is the level of information listed. To see an example click on the image above.

Click here for an exampleThe relationship chart is a great way of understanding how you are related to other family members. Click on the above image to see an example.

TNG Software
This entire website is made possible by the excellent TNG (The Next Generation) software from Darrin Lythgoe. Visit Darrin's website for more information.