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Margaret Olivia Weatherby

Female 1805 - 1882  (76 years)

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Isaac Thomas
Male 1828-1851
Mary Louisa Mathis
Female -Yes, date unknown
Enos Thomas
Male 1830-Infancy
Ellora Thomas
Female 1855-1856
Ray Thomas
Male 1891-1893
Anna Muriel Thomas
Female 1894-
Ira Wolf
Florence Louise Thomas
Female 1899-1982
Charles Raymond Thomas
Male 1898-1900
John Charles Thomas
Male 1856-1942
Annie Josephine Haseltine
Female 1867-1941
John Wilbur Haseltine
Male 1884-1973
Grace Darling Haseltine
Female 1887-1987
William Edgar Lowden
Male 1884-1971
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Clifford La Rue Haseltine
Male 1889-1946
Willis Wilson Haseltine
Male 1893-1969
Mary Effie Thomas
Female 1859-1940
John Adelbert Haseltine
Male 1853-1928
Laura Margaret Thomas
Female 1887-1965
James F. Macy
Male 1884-1974
New chart
George Leo Thomas
Male 1888-1959
Loretta Josephine O'Neil
New chart
May Margaret Pearl
Female 1894-1969
New chart
Mary Charlotte Thomas
Female 1897-Yes, date unknown
Roy T. Russell
James Harold Thomas
Male 1899-Yes, date unknown
Madge Mumford
Frank Warren Thomas
Male 1861-1911
Mary Ann Considine
Female 1862-1957
Lillian Lee Thomas
Female 1887-1964
Edward George Meyer
Male 1883-1953
Elsie May Thomas
Female 1888-1983
Abram Downer Hull
Male 1884-1962
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Laurence Wiliam Thomas
Male 1897-1922
Sylvia Koontz
Female 1897-1929
New chart
Clifford Elton Thomas
Male 1914-Yes, date unknown
Edna Vanderlio
William Ulysses Grant Thomas
Male 1864-1926
Anna Louise Bates
Female 1867-1945
Rhoda Helen Paynter
Female 1895-Stillborn
Eva Muriel Paynter
Female 1897-Stillborn
Jennie May Paynter
Female 1898-1987
Jay Lemuel Carswell
Male 1895-1960
New chart
Alice Leota Paynter
Female 1900-1981
Eddie C. Smith
Male 1895-1957
New chart
Anna Kate Thomas
Female 1866-1961
John Thomas Paynter
Male 1860-1933
Hazel Chapman
Female 1892-1980
Guy Chapman
Bertha M. Hohe
Female 1895-1934
Ida May Thomas
Female 1869-1941
William H. Hohe
Male 1864-1937
Benjamin Franklin Thomas
Male 1832-1891
Rhoda Maria Hetherington
Female 1835-1898
John W. Thomas
Male 1834-1853
Mary A. Thomas
Female Abt 1864-Yes, date unknown
Francis B. Thomas
Female Abt 1868-Yes, date unknown
William Henry Harrison Thomas
Male 1836-1926
Amanda Rose Osborne
Female 1844-1903
Nathan Thomas
Male 1839-1896
Rachel Ellen Ellis
Female -Yes, date unknown
Esther A. Thomas
Female 1841-Abt 1876
[Unknown] Henderson
Male -Yes, date unknown
George Billings
Male -Yes, date unknown
Elbert Elijah Thomas
Male 1869-1944
Berttrand Ellis Thomas
Male 1872-1875
Guy Wilbur Thomas
Male 1874-1938
Lillie Sabrina Wilaey
Myrtle Caroline Thomas
Female 1876-1972
Gertrude Inez Thomas
Female 1881-1972
Glen Rudolph Thomas
Male 1886-1973
Joseph Warren Thomas
Male 1843-1919
Rachel Maria Frazier
Female 1845-1928
James B. Thomas
Male 1847-1853
New chart
Margaret Olivia Weatherby
Female 1805-1882
William Thomas
Male 1806-1879